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Typical rant.

Today is six months of being 'clean and serene.'

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

Yesterday was 'eye cyst removal.'

And the preceding week? Just eventful.

Everything has been happening so fast. In the last month, a relationship has come and gone and another one has been proposed.

I've seen death and touched it.

I've been kicked out and cursed. Called a string of names that are really quite unpleasant, too much so to list.

I've been blackmailed, insulted, propositioned, and tempted.

My head feels like it's about to explode. I've no idea if these migraines are because of stress or something a tad more explainable...or sinister.

I worry about my health, the health of my family, and the mental stability of my friends and loved ones.

Everyone's facing adversity. And it seems like all of them are coming to me. I love being there for them, but I've got things to deal with as well. And I just feel like I can't take anymore.

I don't want their blood on my hands, so I make sure they're alright.

It's just...difficult. It's all difficult.

But it's growth through experience. And I'm getting it ten-fold.


Apologies for the rant.

Ahh! *squees*

I just made my first animated icon. Personally, I find it riotous.

I mean, come on! Talk about fire crotch! *slaps knee*


Give a girl a break. I haven't slept in two days.

In other news, all is well on my end. I spent the week immersed in both busy work and theatre!

My classes are giving me migraines this semester. BUT! There is a bright side. On Tuesday, I went with my mum to see the Phantom of the Opera. It was her birthday present from me. I took her out to a fancy restaurant beforehand and I rather think she enjoyed it. She cried in the opening number. It was so sweet.

Then on Wednesday, I went to see The Tempest. It was a brilliant interpretation, if you ask me. They had people flying through the air, sand and petals falling from the ceiling, and quite a good light show. For a small theatre in the round, that's all quite a feat.

This weekend, I'm going to attempt to see another play: Misalliance. If I do, it will sum my week up nicely.

My first time venturing into the real world since I got sick last month. Ugh, I need to grow an immune system. Or rent one out. Seriously! Four weeks sick? That's just silly.

In other other news, I'm starting to get the jitters about the smut fest I joined. I really hope my recipient likes what I wrote. It would kill me if she/he despised it. You can never really go wrong with Harry Potter smex, but somehow I feel like I won't meet his/her expectations. *le sigh*

To find the silver lining.

My new year did not start off with a bang. It was quite the opposite, actually.

A rumor was started about me that flew around my close group of mates, and even outside it, at the speed of a double engine jet.

Of course, that's just petty nonsense. I was strung along by one of my exes. And that's another bit of petty nonsense. Though that doesn't mean it's a joy to wake up to.

I suppose it just made me realize that, though I despise drama, our society feels the desire to thrive off it. It's as though they need it as much as they need air in their lungs.

The irony of it is that one of my resolutions of the prior evening was to completely remove myself from the theatrical production that is my mates when they get together.

Ho Hum Pig's Bum.

What's more, what is the point of resolutions? I hardly ever see someone who follows through. Or even makes it past the first month.

Did you make any?

I've just had some Nyquil so my thoughts are a little jumbled up. Even I don't know what I'm saying.

Then again, I never do.
Someone keeps insisting that if I stare at this screen long enough, I'll grow gargantuan brain tumors that will replace my eyes. But...there's so many interesting things on here!

Not just this site specifically--which, by the by, I am finding more and more entertaining. Which is such a surprise. It was horrid when I had one way back when.--but the whole web. There are so many things to see, to do, to learn. Even if I do enjoy the outside world more, this place is rather enticing.

It's just one big fantasy world that we all get to play a part in. You don't know what's real, what's an illusion; that in and of itself is highly addictive. It's like a big game of Russian Roulette that you get to play every time you feel the gentle pressure of keys beneath your fingers.

The reason I'm writing this? It's very, very early and I'm trying to fight off sleep to finish this novel. And I also want to see if I can go another round in the ring with the "Terrible Tumor" which is obviously its wrestling handle.

Well...bah. Cheers anyways.


I got one of these. Mainly, I was drawn to it by the lure of drabbles, slash, ff crack, and all sorts of sinful and delightful pleasures.

I wonder how the...one (?) person reading this will ever want to come back.

I wonder what will make this interesting.

I wonder what shenanigans this girl shall find herself in.

I wonder what bogies taste like.

I wonder...

*laughs maniacally and tries to figure out how this silly site works*


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